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Thing is, even if you do leave, you'll always be working. Even the top scientists in the world, never stop working. Except for a few who think they know it all.


This is true, maybe in a couple years I will return with technologies dealing with matter editation and something beyond what I know now but I will always keep an eye on scientific advancement , but for now I have burned though many years of research and tried to explain it in the most easy ways possible, to that end this is the end of what I know.

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I have decided to not to follow the path of absolute corruption and power after all I may be here to stay, I dunno I get very bored without this forum. Mind you one of these days I am going to quit this forum and not come back but its like quitting smoking, sometimes you think you are done and this will be your last cigarette but then after a day, you are like "Maybe not". So you may ask what's next, now we dive deeper, I am addicted to posting about science.



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