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Question About Stereo Microscopes


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I'm not sure that this is the right place to ask this. Feel free to move it.


I'm looking for a good entry level stereo microscope. Truth be told, I want it for engraving, but I might look at some biological things—like bumble bees, gnats, etc.


At any rate, it recently came to my attention that while some stereo microscopes have dual objectives, many do not. They use a single objective and split the image. Doesn't this mean that the apparent 3-D effect is only a virtual illusion?


So, I definitely want dual objective lenses. If the multitude of specifications and stats contain this information, it is well-hidden—from me anyway.


How can I tell if a given model has dual objectives? What is a good stereo microscope from $200—maybe $600 at the VERY Most—that features dual objective lenses?






Saxon Violence

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