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Open minded scientists closing threads. So predictable


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Pgrmdave closed the evolution thread. I pointed out a post he made in another thread showed his thinking was flawed. Now he is taking revenge by closing the evolution thread I was posting in.


Dave, I know people like you. I know exactly what you will do. You will censor and delete any thread that contradicts what you think. Not because what is written is incorrect, because what is written challenges your authority and your beliefs. You will justify your actions by talking about how the discussion is too personal, too emotional or going nowhere.


When you read this post you will become even more upset. Someone is publicly pointing out that you are using your administrative powers for personal reasons. You are closing threads because you have something personal against a person. It is not my fault your post in the thread about TV shows was incomplete and shoddily written. You authored it, not me. Why not take responsiblilty for your writings instead of blaming the person who dissected it?


Around about now you will be deciding you hate me and I am trouble. You will be thinking even more revenge. I used to be appalled when people like you did the things you do. That was before I realized how common people like you are. People abusing their authority for personal vengeance.


It is not your job as admin to decide what people can and cannot talk about. People in the evolution thread asked me questions. I answered them. We have a conversation going on. Then you strut in and say "You guys cannot talk about what you want to talk about. I decide what can be talked about around here. I decide who has the right to speak". That is not right. Not becuase I say so. Because it is not right in the view of anyone for one person to censor the speech of another.


I was going to post the following to CraigD. It was important. Now I do not know if he will see it because you have closed the thread the reply belonged to. I think you need to grow up. I think you need to be more open minded. I think you need to act more like a dispassionate scientist as you are trained to be and stop acting like a petty tyrant squashing things they do not approve of.





I understand what you are saying. I do not want to anger you or to be disrespectful.


How do I convince you that you are incorrect or partially correct? That you have been given incorrect information and conclusions? That necessary ideas to understanding what is going on are not part of your life view?


I am a nobody. I can't wave my badge or flag at you so that you can admit to yourself, "his qualifications are better than mine so I can bend the knee and accept what he says". If you met me in person, you would not be impressed at all. You would probably seek to avoid me based on my appearance and mannerisms.


It is a really big problem. First I have to convince you that you are incorrect. Then I have to convince you to listen to me. Then I have to convince you to read and look into things that you have probably been trained to ignore or deride. Then I have to convince you that you must spend months looking into this. It is not a math problem like 2 + 2 = 4 that gives you an answer in 5 seconds. This is like a scientific study that might take 1 year to complete before you are absolutely sure one way or the other.


That is a lot of convincing for me to do. Authoritative people do not like giving up their authority. Especially to a nobody. I don't hold out much hope I will be able to convince you. Your ego and your existence is wrapped up in your identity as an authoritative health person. To let go of their life anchor, their sense of self and identity, is traumatic for anyone in any discipline.

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