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Wrote the Blueprint with roses, Till my arm exploded.
Three eyes in my mind controlling me.
These thoughts keep visiting
First play first act first scene
Caught in the jaws but this rose has teeth..
L'm No king no preacher
Worlds apart and I cant reach ya
I'm Armored like E-ze-kiel
Eyes Star-lit like Me to urs..

I'm gripping my sha-dow,
..holding it Dear
Lived through the bat-tle,
..stricken by Fear
Down the Rabbit-hole,
just to swim through the Tears
I was lost walking avenues,
and then you appeared

..Hit me like a Landmine
Sweep me off my feet in this Landslide
When the darkness in me becomes the twilight
These Harmonys can't Hide

Seen through the world like glass, but they pictured gold
I Seen a Castle crack and end up hanging from a rope
This is the last stand, now you'll embrace the cold..
But there's Sparks on contact, a Fire in my soul
Hearts like a Bomb-blast, shaken to its core
Win or lose It's always war.

Why do I Feel Like I've Been Here Before?
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