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  1. One hundred percent illegal. I don't think it will ever be allowed.
  2. The meaning of life for each his own. I think that in time you will understand him.
  3. Sociological studies confirm that open anti-Semitism is not popular either in Russia or in Europe. Only 10% of respondents polled by CNN in seven European countries admit personal dislike for Jews. This number rises to 15% in Poland and to 19% in Hungary. In Russia, according to a study conducted by the Levada Center, in 2015 only 6% of citizens were hostile to the Jews (for comparison, about 30% of Russians and almost 40% of Europeans dislike Roma. However, many traditional stereotypes are still strong. So, from 25 to 40% of Europeans are sure that the influence of Jews in world politics, th
  4. Maximum minimalism) I love the clips in this style.
  5. What for you may have a bad taste, for another will be a favorite dish. Therefore, everything is relative.
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