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How Can You Improve On "settled Science?"

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Ahh yes, "head in the sand" is a typical response to information and reasoning that causes stress and discomfort. It's not a GOOD or HEALTHY response, but I'm sure that evolutionary mechanism survived by design and not just incidentally.  :beer-fresh:

I  have an open mind on Moore the denialist, against my better judgment that tells me that there's a ton of truth in the analysis given by Wiki is quite truthful. But for now, i'm willing to overlook that and continue to ask you what point he makes that can be discussed here?


For instance, I've been told that 93% of climate scientists are claiming that AGW or climate change is significantly man made. But in fairness, the denier who told me that aslo said that it was only 93% of peer reviewed scientists and so that was apparently the method being used to obfuscate. This is apparently the method used by climate science to get away with their lies. 


What point does Moore make that gives you confidence in him? And where in the video can I find it? Let's see if we can arrive at some sort of agreement on this issue at least! 

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