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Why should I respond? Right now it is you that has made the assertion, and I have no interest in letting you wriggle off the hook by shifting the burden of proof. Certainly not after your appalling behaviour. Whether I can, or wish, to defend the position of gravity having changed would be a topic for another time.

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Originally posted by: BlameTheEx



Why should I respond?

Blame, Unc tried to bring this thread back in line. He requested that you simply repost your claims. Instead you chose to start by attacking me. Followed by the same claims you have made all along and failed to provide any support for all along.


Then when I once more ask for the same proofs I have been asking for, for the same claims you keep making and not proving, all we get is:

Why should I respond?

Perhaps it is because the FAQ at this site says so?


The bigger question obviously is why don't you ever respond with facts as requested no matter how many people ask you no matter how many times they ask you? Why don't you live up to the FAQ this site is based on?


IF you can't provide even the first bit of support for your claims, why bother to keep posting them?

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