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Women Will Never Be Able To Play 5 Set Tennis With Male Opponents 1-On-1 ....

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1. For the same weight, women have more fat (adipose tissue) than men

2. Fat is less metabolically active than muscle.


From 1 and 2, placing men and women on an even keel, man player vs woman player, seems a pipe dream.


Do you agree that women have a tough task ahead (not as simple as bra-burning) to break even with men, since they have less "energy tissue (muscle)' than men ?  :sherlock: 

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What do you mean by metabolically active ?  It's clear that fat cells can't cause movement while muscle cells can, but I don't think this is described as metabolic activity.  I don't think your point number 2 is in any way accurate.


Claim #1 may be true on average, but I can easily provide contradictory examples.  So your claim, in order to be correct, should be edited to show that you are dealing with averages.


Muscle is not "energy tissue".  WTF are you on about bra-burning?


Are you going to great and insulting lengths to state that Homo sapiens are sexually dimorphic?  If so, rather than referring to bra-burning and energy tissue, you could observe biological differences between the sexes.



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