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In order to explain the issue, I will use a left-wing Marxist analysis.

Karl Marx was the son of a respected clerk in court. Vladimir Lenin was the son of a high-ranking official in the education system of Tsarist regime. Hitler was the son of a border control official of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Unlike their parents, all three ideologues did not make careers as clerks, each because of his own circumstances. And what is the social status of the clerks, who have not caught a job in the system? They become lumpens-intelligent, people without employment and without a livelihood, but educated, with high expectations. They are naturally plotting a revolution. The revolution is supposed to solve their problems, lead to power, jobs, and engage in high goals. Such as improving society, national and international politics, etc.

The Lumpen-Intelligentsia layer is quite broad. Most students belong just to this layer, but also educated people without a profession in-demand, unemployed, losers, mentally unstable people, etc. This stratum is rapidly expanding in the Third World, because of most of students have no chance of being hired.

Marx and Engels invented an idea that revolutionaries could win due to the working class that would rise up against capitalists. Over time it became clear that workers could improve their situation without turning capitalist rule. Marxist revolutionaries despaired and turned to alternative ideologies: Mao, Marcuse, Che Guevara, the struggle against apartheid, and finally the Palestinian revolution. It should be noted that these changes of flag distance the revolution geographically from developed countries to the Third World. Moreover, the idea of ​​the struggle between classes has completely «evaporated» in a final version of leftist ideology. Instead, we reveal as leading leftist ideology just anti-semitism under the guise of supporting Palestine .

Today, the leftist ideological migration has brought them to Islam and Hitler, that is to clearly anti-Semitic ideology, under the pretext of the Palestinian revolution. This new leftist flag, the Palestinian revolution, is racist and anti-Semitic, in complete contradiction to the principles of the original Marxist left. The leading movement of the Palestinian revolution has been replaced, now it is the Hamas Islamic movement, and what? The extreme left supports extreme Islamist aggression! Hitler became for them a good guy, who had foreseen that the Jews would expel the people of Palestine, and had liquidated the future settlers.

Actually, what does it matter, the ideological flag of the extreme left? Ideology is just an excuse to bypass democracy and seize power. Terrorist Carlos Ilich Ramirez has converted, instead of communism, to Islam. Likewise philosopher Roger Garaudy. Certainly, Islam suites the extreme left in terms of purpose, namely, the seizure of power.

At the time, Karl Marx told the revolutionaries that ideology is an improvised «incremental construction» that stood above a solid socio-economic basis. For the extreme Left Ideology is simply pretext for a revolution. For example: In complete contrast to ideology, the first Bolshevik government has included no representatives of the working class, only the intelligentsia who occupied the highest positions and jobs.

Although Hitler belonged to the same social layer of unemployed intelligentsia, he chose an ideology opposite to Marxism, and managed to seize power while riding the horse of an anti-Semitic ideology.

No, contrary to Karl Marx, I do not claim that ideology is not important for most people. Vice versa, I believe that the need in ideology is natural for individuals and the public. This need is implanted in our genes. People without spirituality lose mental stability, their personality deteriorates, and so a whole society. Prominent ideologues, prophets, founders of religions, politicians, and prominent leaders understood this need. They invented religions and ideologies, preached or forcibly forced their invention on masses of people. Some have succeeded, as a result we have religions, ideologies, leaders, wars and revolutions …

Anti-Semitism is a special ideology that crosses the boundaries of countries, social classes, parties and religions. Politicians and clerics have learned long ago to use this ideology for their political and social needs. For this purpose, they developed theories and slogans, and even forged books, such as the Protocols of Elders of Zion and Mein kampf.

Today, as in the past, anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist slogans and theories did not emerge spontaneously. There was someone who commissioned or paid for the dirty work of writers, journalists, bloggers and professors. There is someone who spreads anti-Zionist “pro-Palestinian” myths through influential media outlets, universities and schools. And  not necessarily do it just Iran’s ayatollahs .

But after well planned massive brainwashing, performed in the course of decades, anti-Semitism becomes a serious mental illness for both individuals and society. It is harmful both to the Jews and to the carriers of the disease. Most of the anti-Semitic people I’ve had the chance to chat, suffer from their “pro-Palestinian” complex of stereotypes, while anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism serve as their escape from the passions.

As we learn from the UN decisions, modern anti-Semitism, which is anti-Zionism, has become the most widespread ideology of the global village. In terms of the global «elite», anti-Zionism has considerable advantages over other ideologies. In contrast to ideologies such as the chauvinism of Nazis or of Putin, Marxism, Islam, etc., modern anti-Semitism unites all the global village around the idea which is false, but easy to grasp and harmless to the national and global “elites”.

Modern anti-Semitism which is anti-Zionism, unites the global village around the idea which is deceitful, but unifying all of humanity against a «common enemy» whose role is predetermined to Israel. This «common enemy» is not able to harm anyone, except the Palestinians, and is therefore very convenient. The Palestinian people continue to play the role of a sacrificial lamb, which Jesus Christ played in the past. The idea of ​​anti-Zionism is very simple, easy to perceive, useful and harmless both for the current rulers of the world village and for those who seek to establish their domination in their region or in their country.

The simple idea of ​​a sacrificial lamb (Palestinian people) and the availability of material for brainwashing which is supplied by Palestinians, media correspondents  and editors, then the historical legacy of “traditional” anti-Semitism of religions, like Islam and Christianity, of ideologies like Nazism and Bolshevism, plus “traditional” anti-Semitism, based on the psychological weaknesses of people (envy of the Jews, that is economically successful people who are not protected by the media, political and military power) — all these make anti-Zionism an ideological hit.

Sincerely, even American and European Jews may seek to divert attention and envy  from themselves to Israel. This interest may explain Jewish youth participating BDS, Jewish media employees bashing Israel, Jewish antis-Zionist etc.

Let’s take a closer look at students participating in anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist movements, for example, BDS. Are students themselves able to implement what they demand? To divest capital or impose sanctions on the State of Israel? Of course, not! So who exactly stands behind the scenes and manipulates the «extreme left»? Who made sure that leftists abandon Marxism, class struggle, and even Che Guevara? Soros the billionaire? Other tycoons? This is a subject for research, or investigation. The former revolutionaries have become a tool, somebody manipulates them behind the backstage.

All that was left to the Left was to invent a new, beautiful packaging for old Hitler’s ideas, depicting these as the rights of the Palestinian people.


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