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O (Great) Soul !

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What are some key concepts, which believers in the Soul profess, either by design or otherwise -


1. A great soul need not reside in a great body - take the example of Mahatma Gandhi, the word Mahatma means "Great Soul". He had an emaciated look, yet commanded an authority that cannot be rivaled in this day and age.

2. The soul resides in the human body, not outside of it. (there are some hypotheses that the soul acts through the pineal gland).

3. The soul is the key to the "Inner Self". The body forms a material abstraction layer between the inner self and the outer cosmos. After death, that abstraction layer disappears.

4. All living things have a soul, both plants and animals. (not non-living objects like a car).

5. The mind is a functional extension of the soul. What the mind absorbs, the soul imbibes.


 Do you endorse one or more of the above, and why ?  :sherlock:


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