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What Is The Difference Between Science And Philosophy?


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I believe philosophy deals with the most fundamental issues while science deals with the issues that based on the fundamental issues. This means the laws that govern all science issues are based on the fundamental laws that govern the whole universe. The study of philosophy is to look into these fundamental laws. 

It can be traced back to the origin. In the ancient Greece, philosophy was defined as "love wisdom" but this term is very ambiguous. Human being uses their wisdom to do all things for example, use wisdom to do cunning things. But this is not philosophy. What the Greeks meant was to perform intellectual activities to search for the answer from environment (external and internal). The whole process of this activity was defined as philosophy, for example, "what compose our world" and methodologies including rhetoric and dialectic. But later, the division of looking into the environment was classified as natural philosophy which now has been changed to the term of science. From the medieval time, Human being's approach to look for answer have developed into the so-called "scientific approach" which is more accurate compared with the ancient time but still falls into the fundamental approach of how to understand the world. When the new approach of looking into the world was formed, many new science developments were achieved. Science as a breakaway division of philosophy left philosophy as a study looking to the most fundamental rules governing our world. That is why philosophy covers much larger system while science only covers their subsystem, a much smaller area. The commonality between these two is they both looking to rules in the universe. The difference is they study different rules.

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Philosophy is love toward wisdom. That's what Old said. What is wisdom? With what wisdom we first met when we started to go to school? The lady-teacher would say: "Patient: saved", "And a blind hen, finds a grain", "Grain by grain: bread, stone by stone: a palace"... So? Probably, Mind was felt the same, as a little child, when it started its task of cognition of itself and the world around it. Probably, and Mind was firstly recognized these same wisdoms, on its road of cognition. Probably Mind first recognized itself as a blind hen seeking the truth: grain by grain. It must also discover that this wisdom is woven from ideas, and that is of the same material woven it alone. And if Mind is woven from ideas, then it is very likely that its world also has the same kind of weave. To distinguish its weaving from the weaving of the world, Mind has called its web a soul, and the weaving of the world a reality. The soul is composed of ideas, but the reality is woven from the truth. Faith in the truth gives direction to Mind on the path of cognition. How Mind could manage in its chaos of ideas that it produces, Mind divided its activity into two complementary activities: Science and Philosophy. Science has been given a task which to Mind reveals truths, and Philosophy got a job that frees Mind from fallacies. On the basis of these mental activities Mind builds itself from the true ideas and wisdom. The whole history of Philosophy and Science tells us this story.

Well, of which these stones of wisdom Mind builds its palace, and of which a grain of truth Mind make bread that feeds itself and its Science and Philosophy? Bread by which Mind nourishes Science, it calls Mathematics, and the cake with which it nourishes Philosophy called Metaphysics. Mathematics (Logic) enables Mind to create ideas and to think, and Metaphysics enables them to believe in their thoughts and ideas. How? What? Why? 

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