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  1. Dear Sweetu, In explaining your question, you have stated only a series of your "beliefs": Everything relies on mathematics!? Everything can be calculated/predicted!? Maths is a fundamental explanation to everything!? How and what you think is dependent on the chemicals present in your brain!? We can effectively run a simulation of the human mind and the interference of all these chemicals to determine/predict each and every action of an individual!? You are actually telling us your "religion" because you correctly conclude: "Religion is basically what you believe in." It means th
  2. Is Time And Gravity The Same Thing And Originate From The Same Source? Well, they didn't! Not! In the Mind, there cannot be two ideas with the same meaning, let alone that there are two phenomena in the Universe that are called the same! Gravity is an intense property of mass, and it builds the Universe we live in, and Time is the category of our Mind by which the Mind recognizes the motion of energy and mass in the Universe! Are "derivatives and integrals" some objects or phenomena in the Universe? They did not! These are the "methods" of our Mind, by which the Mind recognizes shift, speed,
  3. Dear GAHD, So what is the "correct" theory of the "greenhouse effect" and the "greenhouse gas effect"? I'm just interested in that! Because I believe that this "theory", whatever it is, should be scientifically disproved as soon as possible, precisely for the correct definition of the "climate" on the Planet as well as the "cause" of this condition (many hunt in the murky here!)! So help!
  4. Sorry, OceanBreeze, I was wrong, I admit, but not because my claims were wrong, but because I based my statement on the wrong version of Kepler's law! Instead of using "Kepler's law of orbit", I "mistakenly" cited "Kepler's law" about the motion of the pendulum: T = 2(pi)(r/g)0.5, respectively, T2 = 4(pi)2r/g, with g = GM/r2, which gives T2/r3 = 4(pi)2/(GM), but that is why (in fact, by my mistake) you have presented your proof, for your claim, that Ek = Ep/2 is in orbit, namely: GM/r = v2, which is the same as GM/2r = v2/2, that is, Ep/2 = Ek, which I think is wrong, because
  5. Dear Alon, You would certainly be right if this was a post about math and the derivation of the product of two independent functions! But this is a post about Physics! In Physics, mass and velocity are not two independent functions, but the opposite! Mass and velocity are the parameters (variables) of one unique function, which we call Moment! That's why the Force is just a simple derivation of Moment by Time! But suppose your derivation is "physically correct"? So what in Physics would be the first member of your equation and what would you call it? And how much would that member be, in
  6. Gentlemen, So what kind of nonsense is it that my post, from pure theoretical physics, is placed under the Silli Clames? Well I didn't bring up any Silli Clames, I just quoted Newton and Kepler! So is it my fault that my "interlocutors" do not even have an elementary knowledge of mathematics and physics, and of decency not to speak ?! But if there is such a level of knowledge, in this forum, that no one understood what I wrote and what I asked, I would have to explain it again to you as in elementary school. So, what is Kepler's law then? What is Kepler's law talking about? What is the am
  7. Dear friend, The basic principle of Relativity is that in the Universe, the same laws of physics always apply, no matter what inertial system we observe! Therefore, there are no "relativistic" or "Newtonian" situations in the Universe. The Special theory of relativity is much simpler than you think! If you, for (y), have "relativistically" corrected the moment in the numerator then for the same amount (y) you had to correct the time in the denominator, and again it will be: F = m a = m dv/dt = d(mv)/dt = ydp/ydt = dp/dt So don't waste your precious time on charlatan theories of "science popu
  8. "Escape velocity" was invented by "physics professors" to explain to themselves why when they "calculate" the equation for the velocity of motion of a body in the Universe via energy balance, they get one velocity (escape velocity), and when they do the same via the force balance then they get another velocity (orbital velocity). Now in "physics" for the same phenomenon there are two definitions (equations) !!! Even in his "Principia", Newton "drew" a cannon to our professors and explained to them that "escape velocity" and "orbital velocity" are one and the same! The same thing, to
  9. Dear friends, you must repeat elementary mathematics and physics because: F = m a = m dv/dt = d(mv)/dt = dp/dt, so F = m a, and F = dp/dt are one and the same equation !!!
  10. Philosophy is love toward wisdom. That's what Old said. What is wisdom? With what wisdom we first met when we started to go to school? The lady-teacher would say: "Patient: saved", "And a blind hen, finds a grain", "Grain by grain: bread, stone by stone: a palace"... So? Probably, Mind was felt the same, as a little child, when it started its task of cognition of itself and the world around it. Probably, and Mind was firstly recognized these same wisdoms, on its road of cognition. Probably Mind first recognized itself as a blind hen seeking the truth: grain by grain. It must also discover that
  11. What could be the "Greenhouse Effect" and what the unfortunate man discovered it (he was not given any reward for that discovery, and everyone "used" it), I was very interested in that? While surfing the internet, I discovered that the author of this "discovery" is not known (probably some "professor of physics"), but that "The Theory" reads as follows: If we have two "black bodies", one at 25°C and the other at -25°C, then the warm body will heat the cold body with radiation, and the cold body will then return its heat to the warm body by its radiation, warm it up a little more. And so in
  12. Dear Exchemist, do you read what you write at all? Well, you just explained to all the housewives on the Planet that if they put 1 kg of sugar on the kitchen table, that in an instant, the "net force on that sugar will be 0" so their sugar will be in weightless state immediately !!! You have to "mandatory" re-read what I wrote! Also send it to your "professor of physics" (don't send him what you wrote!)! Well, since you like to weigh sugar, I'll explain to you how your balance works (and you explain it to your "physics professor" later). Your sugar has a "weight" of 1 kg as well as Th
  13. How, Newton's "Law of Force" should be properly understood and what is the cause of this "scientific" shame called "dark mass and energy", I explained in a post: (http://www.scienceforums.com/topic/36525-what -is-movement-in-physics /). But who is reading this? (Who's "reading" anything at all?) So first read that, then let's discuss!
  14. Universal income - great idea, but with an unusual name, and that name does not explain the main idea at all. This is also indicated by the course of the debate so far. Just as the term "Life Savings" already exists, so for the idea of "universal income" a better term would be "Salary for Life" or "Living Salary"! As everything that "serves us for life" comes from the energy of the Sun, and that energy is everyone's, so the means of living for everyone must be accessible to everyone. This revenue is nothing "new" because it has always existed, just called differently and differently "distr
  15. And "no way" for anyone to answer your question? Oh, do not be mad at the guys on the forum because they do not know the answer to your question. "Modern science" doesn't know the answer to your question either! Therefore, "modern science" suggests to you that you first build your tank, then fill it with liquid as you wish, and then drill a hole in the tank (also as you wish), and then observe (measure) what is happening. You can then map this "your model" using "similarity theory" to any "real problem". The guys at CERN do the same. They have built themselves a huge energy reservoir, so when
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