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Bci Coordination: Heading Towards True Vr (New Group)


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BCI Coordination: Heading towards True VR


Join: https://discord.gg/naHdGTu


Hello, we are here to announce a team dedicated to creating True VR. Unlike some other posts on this forum, we have already organized how the group will work and our goals + how to get there. I will summarize them here.


If you are interested in joining, a link to the discord group will be at the end of this post. Once you join, apply in the “apply” channel. If you don’t make member, don’t worry. We believe that everybody deserves their shot at contributing. If you don’t make it, you will become a Trainee and be given sources to learn from, a small assignment, and a minor test to become a member.

We are looking for people in:



The group is divided into three major departments: research, software, and hardware/design. Each member can be a part of as many of the departments as they like. Within each department, groups of 4-5 people will form “teams." The heads of each department will also have their own team of people as well as manage the department.


Coordinators will each lead a minor department (such as the trainee department, collaboration department, and leveling department) and manage the main departments. If you’d like to know about the organization, more information is on the server.


Our goals are to create a True Virtual Reality Device capable of reading motion using EEG. However, we will take a more step by step approach than some other groups that have posted here. In doing so we hope to open a range of possibilities in both the Medical and Gaming Industries. Such examples can include the development of a Virtual Environment such as depicted in Reki Kawahara's Sword Art Online. This technology can also be used to aid and even restore functions to a person with physical disabilities (restoration of movement if the user is paralyzed), which would be greatly beneficial in the Medical field.


Since we all know it isn’t realistic to say that we will be able to induce smell, touch, temperature, taste, etc in a first model, we will work our way up. We have broken up our set goal into smaller ones for each department, which will be further broken up for each team, etc. The goal would not attempt to write to the brain; sight and audio would be achieved through more conventional ways with some enhancements. Every time we have meetings, we will document the notes in the “meeting archive” channel where any new members can catch up. More information will be on the servers. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or any of the department heads!


We hope you consider joining this group on the path towards True VR.

Join: https://discord.gg/naHdGTu


Thanks for reading


Written by: Panther (coordinator), Snark (software department head), Hdmi (member), & Puppy (member)

Edited by Panther
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