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  1. Hey Athos, I apologize for not seeing your post earlier. That's definitely a viable option when it comes to creating immersive VR. It would also definitely be easier, although clunkier as well. The main obstacle would be designing it to be able to be sold and used by the everyday individual. I can imagine a lot of people complaining that it's not similar enough to full dive, but honestly I don't think that matters as much as long as the experience is the same/similar. It's definitely a good idea that would be worth looking into and experimenting with.
  2. Hey beatenpatharchives, If a Nerve-Gear like device were to exist, I see no problem in using it for both gaming, medical, and research purposes. I doubt that people would be playing much longer than some hardcore gamers do already, and it could be really useful in the medical and research fields (prosthetics, scenarios, etc.). Electroencephalography is something a lot of people are looking at for "reading" the brain. Doesn't have the highest spatial resolution, but there are things you can do to improve it and it is non-invasive. As to from computer to brain, there's a paper on non-invasi
  3. BCI Coordination: Heading towards True VR Join: https://discord.gg/naHdGTu Hello, we are here to announce a team dedicated to creating True VR. Unlike some other posts on this forum, we have already organized how the group will work and our goals + how to get there. I will summarize them here. If you are interested in joining, a link to the discord group will be at the end of this post. Once you join, apply in the “apply” channel. If you don’t make member, don’t worry. We believe that everybody deserves their shot at contributing. If you don’t make it, you will become a Trainee and be g
  4. This is super exciting stuff. I would say I will look into it but before I don't know enough yet to dive into it (gotta learn the foundations first). It reminds me a lot of laser treatment for tumors, in that it combines multiple sources to target an area and ignore the rest. So this could stimulate the brain, but from what I understand a method such as EEG or ECoGs is still necessary to scan the brain, or am I wrong about that?
  5. Hey KayabaAkihiko, If you are interested in this stuff you would most definitely be interested in the Brain Jackers discord, which is a community based on True VR discussions and other stuff. You can join with this link: https://discord.gg/hjXuPVk Being in 6th grade doing freshmen math is pretty good, but most people who succeed are on 10th grade math by then like I was. Just kidding (about the first part) xD, you're doing great. Ok sorry if that sounded arrogant you are doing really good, keep it up. I also love to think about my future, great, top-rated colleges for that area include
  6. In a True VR system, we wouldn't want to cut off their brain signals from their bodies. The best way we could possibly add smell and other factors into the game is using carefully placed electromagnetic fields to stimulate parts of the brain. You can read more about this concept here: http://www.cell.com/cell/pdf/S0092-8674(17)30584-6.pdf Intercepting brain signals would simply be too difficult while there are other options available such as stimulation and concepts such as Ipsihand (an eeg managed to control a prosthetic through the user imagining to move an arm). Imagining to move vs actua
  7. I'm sure many people here have their idea of what an ideal true virtual reality (credit for that term goes to @kayaba from Brain Jackers). However, the smallest differences in features could be the difference between dominating the gaming industry and being in the news for a few days before dying off. Think of it this way: kids will always be a major part of the gaming industry. Let's say the device cuts off your hearing while you use it. There will be many safety concerns, sure, but on top of that a parent would never buy something like that for their kid. Even putting a kid for sleep would
  8. Hey both BrainJackers and CraigD! I will address both of you in this comment so I don't double post, and sorry for the semi-late response. I found it interesting how you two had completely different approaches to the goal: a suit/exoskeleton that simulates everything outside of the brain versus a BCI. I believe a BCI would be the best, but it is not currently possible. Who knows, maybe it will be in the future, and maybe the person who invents it will have been on this forum at some point (hopefully a non-intrusive one). So, tomorrow, I plan to make a trello page about this. Trello is a f
  9. Hi CraigD, thanks for responding and your comments! Indeed, I did not consider the fact that you need to be able to move your field of view with your eyes. That LEIA 3D project looks awesome! I was thinking that you could maybe, just like an ocular scanner, have some sort of camera that can focus on your eyes and detect where they move and fittingly move your FOV. It would be similar to the way snapchat can find your face and detect you opening your mouth. I think very basic controls could be done through BCI, but as of yet we wouldn't be able to do EVERYTHING in SAO, even if that is the co
  10. Thanks for your response! Indeed, what you put down is the ultimate goal, but not the immediate. These are plausible methods that could pretty much be done now in a very simple game. (Other than the implant). You seem very bright, and it would be awesome to have more ideas, feedback, or research in the future! And about bragging 'bout being top of the class, you just did ;) xD Happy holidays! P.S. I had read other posts where people are like neurologists so I had to include some qualification :)
  11. Hey, my name (at least on this forum) is Panther. I see a lot of "full dive" discussion here (I mean, it is the full dive section) and I wanted to share some of my ideas in an organized format that you can add to. I'm going to be assembling a group of my really smart friends (I'm smart too) to help with this, but you can also help out if you have skype, are qualified, and can collaborate. You can be anything from an ambitious SAO watcher to a neurosurgeon to be "qualified." Anyways, let's start on the organized ideas. The Goal Ok, so the goal in the end will include: -Sight -Audio -Speech -
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