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Hello, This Is My First Post


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Well, I've spent most of the day thinking about what to do.

Early in the day, I was banned, uncerimoniously, from a proper forum (not Facebook) that I had posted on from 2014 to today--with a year break, for the record. I had zero warning points and about 1300 posts, which is a great deal for me, as I am terse. The subject-matter was origins, respectively, of life, the universe, and the theory of evolution. There were many Christians, Theological Evolutionists and a few atheists. There, I identified as an "I don't know" Agnostic.

That's what I will acknowledge being here, "I don't know" with respect to the great, ultimate questions:

1) the origin of life on Earth;
2) existence of life off-Earth;
3) how, precisely, complex life--humans, for example--developed from some prior forms, if that occurred;
4) the origin of the Universe, if it had one.

My name, 'scherado' is in honor of an exquisite Alaskan Malamute that I had the opportunity to "own" and whom I took, in 2007, to that last vet visit that some of us have known.

I am, now, co-primary care for a stage 4, Lung-cancer survivor, matastecy to brain and liver, who is doing quite well as I type. My Dad does the intimate things. The cancer patient is my 80-year-old mother.

That's the long and short of it.

I would reveal the reason for the aformentioned banning, if I knew the reason. I do not.


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B-b-b-b-but scherado, I don't think anyone believes that you don't really know the reason you were banned.


Well, I have had a day to mull and sulk, and I do think I have an idea.


I-I-I-I think the kids nowadays call that being "butt sore".


Thanks,...I think. I did think it was "long time coming" to borrow an old hippie lyric....




Alright, I think it was my too explicit definition of the obscene slander introduced to our collective awareness by the detestable "Anderson Cooper": "teabagger".


Yes I do...

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