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Hi guys :) To the people who replied to my post http://www.scienceforums.com/topic/29855-a-thought-provoking-idea/?p=344950, thank you so much!

I am actually a student at Concordia University in the city of Montreal. I love learning theories, and I am deeply passionate about it. 

Being a musician for 14 years, I want to focus on new goals. During high school, I read fascinating books about psychology, history and philosophy. As College started, I had less and less time... Now that University had begun, a new road for me arises, as I will pursue my studies in Economics. I hope I can work either as a Microeconomist (behavioural economics mainly) or as a Macroeconomist (welfare economics)

If you'd like to check, I've started a blog about theoretical analysis thecrystalspire.wordpress.com. 



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