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  1. Thank you for bringing these info! Before you comment, Check out the World Economic Forum on your Facebook page! In the present moment, we face the biggest threat to mankind, by living in the Anthropocene: A nuclear war. There is a book called "the Traps of Progress" that demonstrate very well why humanity as come to this point. As we mentionned previously, this topic is vastly spread out. In my honest opinion, here are the top reasons (some) parts of the world are "corrupted" . (Assuming the world progress is going on a positive trend). (I don't want be too much off-topic, since this is a sci
  2. Hi guys :) To the people who replied to my post http://www.scienceforums.com/topic/29855-a-thought-provoking-idea/?p=344950, thank you so much! I am actually a student at Concordia University in the city of Montreal. I love learning theories, and I am deeply passionate about it. Being a musician for 14 years, I want to focus on new goals. During high school, I read fascinating books about psychology, history and philosophy. As College started, I had less and less time... Now that University had begun, a new road for me arises, as I will pursue my studies in Economics. I hope I can work eithe
  3. Excuse me for my misspelling! As you see guys, I'm writing a blog about the effect of deductive reasoning on the cognitive mind (because we know where rational thinking came from), as I will explain later on. Thank you for your prompt replies! My original post was not intended something serious :) and Yep (I forgot to introduce myself) The purpose of my post is to get some feedback from good science-passionate people like you guys. My goal is to from a critical point of view. By bloodshed I simply meant the wars that are happening right now in the world, for example in Syria. Eternal pros
  4. Please Explain. With prior reading my Blog, you will better understand than perhaps judging from such a impetuous way.
  5. How we can end Bloodshed on Earth? How can we achieve Eternal Prosperity? The answer to that lies in the present article. Using Language. Every Single Detail counts. We have created conflicts almost 90% of the time due to misunderstandings. Is there scientific evidence to that? Objectively, Proper use of Words is the Poisonous Root of the Problem. From there on one can deduct an continuous flow of possible assumptions….. https://thecrystalspire.wordpress.com
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