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Hello, Bonjour, Shalom, Salam, Namaste !


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Hi guys,


I'm 27 yo, from France near enough to Paris to be able to see that big antenna.

Oh c'mon ! You know, the one you guys out there in the world like to visit...

I'm certain that the future is all about aluminum but I respect history so let's just leave it alone !


Please know in advance that my questions may often seem troubling or a bit dumb.

But don't worry I always explain what I want to know and why so RELAX ! It's an ORDER ! Like NOW !


I really wish to find much smarter people than me in this nice little network, let's get started...


HempGraphene(=graphite's dead dumass!!!xD).

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You must be talking about that tower that is a real eye full!


Most of us here don't consider questions to be "dumb", and we like to share what we know.  I wouldn't claim to be smarter, but I do have areas of knowledge that I have accumulated, as well as many gaps and shortfalls in my knowledge.


I am sure aluminum has it's place in the future as well as history, but I am quite partial to stainless steel and titanium myself.

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