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Hello there, Hypography,


Due to a mistake in our team coordination, we posted a thread in the Full Dive area before we posted here. Sorry about that! We are Brain Jackers (or at least the mod team of Brain Jackers). An internet group who loves discussing BCIs, VR, and new tech. 


We are spiritual successors to the Nerve internet forums/Slack. The 'next generation' if you may. We have arisen due to a lack of central control in the old groups, leading to a disorganized, dying text group contaminated with a troll. We found Hypography from a few of the mods who used to post here and found the old generations through here.


We would like to not only be here to invite people to our group (don't worry. We won't spam) but also to provide voices here to contribute to this community as well. Our mod team focuses on VR, Neurology, and Comp Sci (we did all join the Brain Jackers group). Our team consists of:

  • @Kayaba -- Admin of the group. Young and inspired.
  • @weamy -- Second in command. 
  • @sterben -- BCI enthusiast who keeps his head cool.
  • @dafrozenkiwi -- Neighborhood Overwatch junky.
  • @whitenerdyswag -- Small-time Vive dev addicted to SAO.
  • @azlen -- A snail who learned to type.

I, @Kayaba, do not know their old Hypography names (for the few of us that used this site). Sorry about that. Well... That's the introduction for this account. I hope we can contribute to this forum well and hopefully anyone looking for a BCI group will look into us :D

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