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Do 8 Foot Tall Monsters With Glowing Red Eyes Exist Or Is This Guy Lying For Attention?


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Do 8 Foot Tall Monsters With Glowing Red Eyes Exist Or Is This Guy Lying For Attention?

LisaL, You’ve posted a link to an original horror story in Reddit’s NoSleep subreddit. This subreddit’s “what is” page says

NoSleep is a community for original horror stories. Stories may be true or not (but they are almost never true). While our stories are fiction, we treat all stories like true, real life experiences, because the best scares come when you are immersed in the story. If it helps, don’t think of it as reading a story. Think of it as witnessing an event.

So the writer of this story is neither lying nor claiming the story is true. It’s assumed to be a work of fiction, but it’s fun to read horror stories while suspending your disbelief, and bad form to ask if they are real or not. Quoting from the what is page again

Think of this subreddit like a movie theater. Nobody goes to see a movie and then stands up to yell at the screen when a small detail isn't realistic. No one interrupts a showing of The Wizard of Oz outraged because “Monkeys can’t fly!!!” The stories are here to entertain you. Picking them apart, debunking them, and just generally being a bad sport ruin the fun for everyone. This is why we have this rule - to keep the comment sections of the stories from becoming buzzkill threads. Just enjoy the stories for what they are - stories.

I wish more forums drew a clear distinction between stories and claims of truth.


He tells a vivid story of seeing an 8 foot tall, werewolf-like monster with glowing red eyes kill his friend, Tim.

She tells. The narrator of the story is an adult woman, recounting an experience she had at age 7.


You should pay more attention to the story, Lisa. The narrator’s gender and age is an important plot device, as it frames her character and explains why she’s viewing events from a remote, so sees more than the 3 boys.

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