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  1. He tells a vivid story of seeing an 8 foot tall, werewolf-like monster with glowing red eyes kill his friend, Tim. https://www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/4iwkdq/please_dont_believe_in_monsters_its_easier_that/
  2. What about cases of people suddenly feeling hot in a localized part of their skin followed by the production of smoke from their bare skin, followed by burn wounds? Are those hoaxes too?
  3. Why the sudden influx the past few years of ''[name] is so allergic to water she/he has to inject adrenaline every time he/she takes a sip of any water''? Is this a joke or meme that I'm not getting?
  4. Read about a man who was kidnapped by a group of men, these men had him strapped down to a table. They made small holes in his arms and belly using an awl, and they sucked the wounds continuously. Eventually the victim 'turned blue' and died. Found it really strange how it actually killed him. It was just a bit of suction.
  5. OK the title may sound weird but I came across this video about true stories and the first story mentioned freaked me out.
  6. what about the frank baker case/documentary on the science channel? (and similar cases) was that a hoax too? I remember reading about it in the Mirror (news website) and some woman left a comment implying she knew him (or his wife) and called him and his friend out for lying. He also refused a polygraph. however watching the documentary he seems sincere. he also set up a facebook page about raising money to fund a cure for his condition.
  7. I mean a real legitimate allergy (not H2O dissolving allergens into the skin causing a reaction, or sensitivity to ions), the hypothetical mast cells somehow reacting to H2O molecules and releasing histamine. Me and my friend are having an argument about this (he tends to believe anything he reads in the DailyMail.)
  8. If S.C is not possible, then why is it touted as such a big unexplained mystery and gets in the news from time to time?
  9. One question people can never seem to answer is if it is possible for cells to get hot enough via their own processes to cause spontaneous combustion. What about cases such as Frank Baker? (Very) elaborate hoaxes?
  10. I ask because of the first true story outlined in this video; which details a man recalling his experience with a strange person in school. One day, this person called him, saying he was afraid. He stated these anthromorphic pigs drove up to his house and kidnapped him. His friend said he recalled hearing him being eaten alive by the anthromorphic pigs over the phone (typical pig noises, e.g squealing). After this, he got calls, and all these calls were the sound of pigs squealing. The search for Eric Queen was called off after 3 weeks.
  11. I am referring to cases of 'SHC survivors', or people who have been witnessed to burst into flame, such as that of Frank Baker, Kay Fletcher, and Jack Angel. In these cases, a friend or relative was there to testify for them additionally. The link to Frank Baker's Facebook page is here - https://www.facebook.com/rose.alsdorf There was also a news article on a German woman who was seen engulfed in flames on a park bench. She died in hospital. It was at the end of October and it was reported as a case of SHC. The article was something along the lines of ''German woman spontaneously combusts on
  12. Is it is not true or possible, why are the majority of articles on SC either supporting that it exists or are not certain? Many of them say it's an unexplained mystery. I saw a documentary a while ago featuring a Vermont war veteran. He and his friend say they witnessed spontaneous combustion. The war veteran has a Facebook page where he promotes a cure and his documentary. He says he's under scientific investigation and that they are testing his skin cells. https://www.facebook.com/rose.alsdorf
  13. Is it possible for cells to produce such temperatures? http://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/636789/Spontaneous-Human-Combustion-Shock-video-shows-man-in-street-bursting-into-flames
  14. Example: ''''Mr. Stringham was caught on the Great Salt Lake during a storm. He developed lung congestion (pneumonia) and never recovered. He died on August 3rd.'' I've also read of several other cases of people immediately getting pneumonia/inflammation of the lungs after they stood in a thick mist or journeyed out into the rain. I also came across one case of apparent suicide by this method. So I ask, is it actually possible for some people to aspirate enough water from the air in some circumstances that they can develop aspiration / water based pneumonia, or do these cases just happen to
  15. So what caused Maurycy's Gottleib's 'fatal cold' ? Stress? was the fact he intentionally wondered around town at night in the summer coincidental? He made it obvious in letters he was trying to make himself ill. his death is listed as suicide.
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