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How Far We Have Come With Technology.

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 Have you ever stopped for a moment to think about how your computer works, who invented it, and what other inventions there were? Including the inventions to lead up to creating that computer? Well when you look back you find that the wheel was made in 3500 B.C. and they didn't use them for transport! Inventions started to pick up the pace when writing was made. Using writing, we were able to read books about our past, and the recent discoveries. As more and more books were made, we really started getting deeper and deeper into technology, and we are in the hybrid age.

 If you think about it, we all are having a sole purpose. And that is to advance to the future. If we never created the wheel, you wouldn't be sitting reading this text. You wouldn't have electricity. And in some cases, might even be extinct. Or would we? Ever since the Industrial Age, we have been spewing out toxic gases into our atmosphere. If we did not notice the problems we were creating, we would be dead by now. We've been on earth for more than 200,000 years. Yet it seems that we are trying to get ourselves in another mass extinction event! Are we changing though? Not really. We only try changing what we spew out to the atmosphere, but, it's not perfect. We still spew out toxins into our atmosphere.

 We started painting 40,000 years ago, and only made agriculture 10,000 years ago. The Egyptians made hieroglyphs to record events, they made this system only in 3400 B.C. The first record of the big bang theory being mentioned ( in a way ) was in 1225! Charles Darwin brought up the theory of evolution up in 1859! We've hardly mastered solving the mysteries of our bodies, and curing all the diseases and sicknesses there are!

 The thing is that we human beings should be grateful. How would you feel if you turned out to be a lizard? Or a bat? Or a cow? No one wants that! We are lucky to have brains to invent. And to advance in our society, and create a better future. What would you think if the Industrial age never happened? We would not have many beds, mass producing would be building's filled with people and hardly any machinery, and yet we have robots building our cars? What I'm getting to here is that we human's have this thing to advance, it's in our DNA. And we constantly need to advance further into our future. So if someone says that they don't want to go to school and learn to advance, they are not human. Those people will die. How would you not learn to advance, while in the future, you have not choice? You are advancing now! You are advancing in life, not just technology.


 So what now? We should continue our work, and advance our technology while we have the chance. To learn is to advance. And we need to learn something. Everyone needs to learn something. We should learn while we can, exceed in our technology, and maybe, just maybe, avoid disaster in the future.


Thank you for taking your time to read this. I hope you may have learned something. Also something I like to note in my post's is this: I am only a 13 year old. No joke. If I took my time to learn and share what I learned, than you should do the same.


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