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Hi. (This Is A Direct Response To The Sticky On New Members Introducing Themselves...)


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Hello, and as most of you who are reading this can tell, my name is most definitely not Brad.


But if this confuses you as to what you should call me, I think Brad will suffice, or for those of you who still are not sure if that is cool since it is most definitely not my name, you can just add the word Not at the front, but remember that the capitalization of the n and lack of a space between NotandBrad is important... (see what I did there?)


Now away from the asshattery... 


I am a seventeen year old Canadian who lives in the basement when not slaving out in the hot sun. I want to be an engineer one day, and it does not matter too much what kind, so long as it is not civil or electrical(but would like to do Bio-Mechanical). I am considered "gifted" with a previously projected IQ of 140+, which is probably closer to 120 now due to excessive exposure to video-games(I at the time of writing this have about 2500 hours collectively from all my Steam games from 2012 onward). I have built two custom computers which I spend most of my waking hours that I am not working on. I have played hockey for 13 years and always play left defenseman. I like to shoot guns having two rifles and one pistol. I have anger management problems and short term memory loss, which you can assume got me in plenty of trouble in school. My favourite fast food restaurant is A&W, and when I go to McDonalds I order a family share pack that I eat by myself (but I only weigh about 145 pounds so whatever) and my biggest fear is letting my father down.


There, there is a general life story as described in the sticky which this is a response to, and I might answer questions if you are interested and the question is reasonable


And remember, I am most definitely not Brad



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