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Cold, Miserable Michigan


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This winter has been pretty bad for Michigan. I don't think that people are noticing it as much as I am, but it's really bad this year. Of course, last year there were also mounds of snow piled up by peoples mailboxes that were over 8ft tall, but it has also happened this year as well. The difference between this year and last year is that the temperature has stayed very low for a lot longer than it did last year. Right now, the temperature is -2*F outside. It isn't absurd that the temperature has reached, and probably will reach, -20*F. The wind chill here has made my fingers numb at a staggering -30*F. The salt on the roads has made it very difficult for me, and others, to see out of the windshield while we are driving. Something even more unfortunate is that with the build up of salt and ice on the windshield, cleaning it makes it worse at times, and also when you try to use your sprayers to get the wiper blades to help with sight, the washer fluid freezes right up. Sometimes it's so cold out that sprayers don't even work. My car also makes new noises when it starts up because it's extra cold outside. I've also noticed that my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3) dies at approximately 75% battery. It started doing that during a hike through a local hiking trail when it was probably less than 10*F outside (when I needed it most because me and my friend got lost).


It's not easy living out here in this type of cold weather. Every morning, within 10 minutes of being inside my car (without wind), my fingers go numb and I literally can't feel anything with the tips of my finger. To top it all off, last summer was probably the coldest summer that we had. I wasn't complaining at the time because the temperature was hovering around perfect throughout the entire summer. I think that the high was approximately 80*F, whereas the year before the high was approximately 103*F.


It's getting bad and I expect that as the years go on, if the weather stays the same, people are going to start migrating south. Unfortunately Detroit is so poor that a lot of people won't have this opportunity. Luckily I have a degree (which is going to help), but for the time being I am working under the poverty level because Detroit is so poor and because I want to work in my field (Computational Neurolinguistics).


Here's an article on the topic

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There is a nice norwegian saying: "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes". In the north, or inland in Norway, it gets every winter to below -40 (F and C, just saw that there the 2 scales agree). I do not think it is a reason to move, it is just a reason to adapt.

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