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Hey remember the days of ie.


An emrican tourists asks the stall holder for the price: The travel guide has stated that in this country people like to haggle, and you should never pay cost price, somewhere amidst the haggling ie slips into the banter. Now the stall holder doesn't know if the emerican is full of ecstasy or trying to make a funny. The merrycan now starts describing their life history, and how the wallet being sold is actually not necessary because, ie I don't really want to buy off you, ie. I have a money clip ,ie. I just want your wallet to tell people back home how hard it was to buy this product, so that I can say ie some more.


The wallet never got sold, but as soon as the money clip was visible the merrycan was no longer jolly.


ie. While the stall holder was trying to slip an ecstasy tablet as the new trade, he realized it would do him better too just take the money clip and the 3cm thick wad of cash it contained.


ie. Now the tourist has alot of ie's to take back home with him. Tourism of course drops in the country that he was ie-ing in.


ie. ie. the American's money was good (at the time), but now the stallholder would like to apoligise for not understanding THIS.

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