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Earthlings Speak Moon Language


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Dear colleagues,

I’m representing new theory of creation and development of human language as well as human religion.

The main idea is that the coding system known as language was developed from simple initial concept taken by our brain from the environment.
Like in modern computers, we use two basic constants as 1 and 0 to code everything. The humanity had utilized two basic constants available for observation – two different visual states of the moon. O for full moon and ) for new moon. 

By mixing these constants, the brain was able to code any complex concepts. Created letters, words and meanings.

Please find below my works:

  • Earthlings Speak Moon Language – an attempt to create effective tool for text compression using Glossematics. Explanation of correlation noted during research.
  • Bit from it or it from bit? (Lingvogeometry) – initial theory started from checking the main idea of Glossematics -  isomorphism of the language plans – and came to understanding of human language as a quasi-binary code using two states of the moon as initial constants.

We can see evidence of the important role of the moon by checking main religious symbols and concepts. Most of human religions are related to visual allegories of new moon state – the horns, the boat, the cap, C-shape (nimbus), V-shape (masonic symbols) etc.

Please review and give your comments and questions.
Thank you!

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