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Physic's answer to "Sophie's World"

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...or something similar.


I'm sure most of you have read the book "Sophie's World", if not go read it!!


This is what i'm suggesting we do. We compile a list of all the great/important theories of physics in chronological order and create an hypography for each of them. We can either write an article for each of the theories or we can assemble one by linking to other webpages.


I think we can go about this by first making a chronological list of all the important theories of physics, then have volunteers (or maybe JUST Tormod) write articles and research for websites on them. Slowly, but surely, we will eventually have a compilation of the all the imporant theories of physics!


Also having tutorials/articles explaining the mathematics required to understand these theories will be very helpful.


I think this is a good idea....what'd you guys think?



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Michael - I think it's a great idea.


Everyone is welcome to create their own hypographies - in fact, some people are already at it (like Matthew who wrote the one on Complex Systems).


I also already made a hypography on GUTs - it's called Theories of everything (but it could use an update).


I welcome your idea and think it would be great to have more people write hypographies. All you have to do is sign up as a contributor at this page. I know you have already signed up - you'll receive a confirmation mail soon. I have to put together a consolidated login, so that you can use the same login for the forums and the hypography creation tool.


I am working an a guide to how to create hypographies, but mostly it's a click and play thing so it shouldn't be that hard.



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