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Strange But Significant Dreams?


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Over the last couple of days I've had some dreams different from my normal ones (going to university or just lately being on a 'journey').  The first harps back to a dream I had several years ago, in that once again I was confronted with the unknown.  In this recent dream I was facing a cupboard, with black hand prints all over it.  When I opened the door there was nothing inside it but I suddenly turned to the front door behind me and said to the invisible presence there, to get back where it belonged (in the cupboard):  The first time this dream type occurred, I turned to face a door on my left, slowly creaking open, to reveal nothing and once more I woke up freaked out.  

Last night in the dream I was walking my dog along the shore, when i noticed these deep marks in the sand like feet had gone in and sunk a long way down, at which point I found myself getting sucked down and woke up when I was up to my neck.  I dropped off to sleep again and this time dreamed I was with my wife and one of our dogs and we were walking down the middle of the road, when this construction vehicle, a dumper truck that carries 'sand' in a bucket at the front of the vehicle, nearly ran me down.  

Like Freud and Jung I believe dream symbolism is a message to the conscious mind, sent in visual metaphors, simply because the unconscious cannot communicate in any other way with its counterpart (sound goes with action in the physical world and sight with thought, in subjective reality in my opinion).

During the days preceding this I was light headed , like a puppet on a string and was finding it hard to swallow, so I was wondering if this was my body sending me an obscure semaphore message to say I was ill (I injured myself a few weeks ago and I'm getting some strange electrical reactions in the area of the injury that makes me think a visit to the doctor might not be a bad idea) or that my relationship with my wife was in trouble (it was) or that this was a presentiment that we were going to move (we're thinking of going back to where we came from)?

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 As an update I now remember that I was on my back when I suddenly woke and this has happened before without the dream - could it be sleep apnoea?


I'm also wondering if this could be related to spiritualism and the vague messages given to people, and hypochondria as again some vague unconscious stimulus trying to tell us something but because it is only coming through as symbolism, we cannot put our finger on what it is trying to tell us exactly?

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