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  1. Results back. I don't have prostate cancer but probably something a doctor friend of my wife calls Prostatitis. So this really is goodbye Eclogite! Previously I didn't go because this was a Murray-'Jock O'Viche' batting back and forth volley (I'd say something, you'd say something etc). Anyway that's it. Pills made me want to vomit three times the first night but standing up, led gravity to stop this process in its tracks. Violent headache for several days, with accompanying nausea and stomach bloating but I seem to be over that today. You never told me what age group you taught or was
  2. 1. It could be as I keep coming back like Snozzle Durante in 'It's a Mad,Mad,Mad World.' See memory and item 3 as well. 2. I hope you're right 3. Haven't discussed this particular problem with my GP as from my readings, if it is either of these maladies, then no treatment really does anything but slow down the inevitable (As mentioned in other posts I believe, my wife has two siblings with Alzheimer's, so I've seen how it acts on the personality apart from the forgetfulness (the tantrums are part of it, it seems, if that is what this is indicative of). Perhaps I'll mention it when I visit
  3. Forgive me Lord because I know not what I do. Actually forgive me Eclogite (and everyone else) because today I caught myself making a mistake I couldn't miss, that tells me my mind has gone so far that it is probably not coming back enough to bother visiting here again (Turtle's mind will grow sharper with age but mine is growing blunter). I made several crass mistakes, based on what I thought I was seeing on Eclogite's write up, only to find I was reading in things that were not there. I was known for my logic and thoroughness but that is obviously going out the window. This morning I tol
  4. Why did that change things? It disturbed me because it was so close to home and about a subject I think I can do something about - freedom of speech. You're right about the preventable diseases in Africa but I can do nothing about that - not even change the attitude of the West that allows that to go on (I've tried using arguments about these being disease pools that will come back to bite us and Aids / Ebola has shown this but still nobody is willing to spend money / time on this except for a few dedicated 'voluntary' organizations that I quoted in one of my posts. It is a selfishness and s
  5. Yes I did get my knickers in a twist over nothing but I'm the underdog in this situation as Turtle was in an argument I had with him, so now the situation is reversed. Innocent victim? I'd agree with that. Too many people nowadays are following the American example of suing the pants of everyone else and taking no responsibility for their lives. I'm leaving because I have lost my ability to be reasonable (controlled). Tail between my legs, I'm off. I've become too emotional to see the truth and respond to it, therefore having lost it I'm going in search of it again (calm, self-control
  6. No need to be polite about Americans, they aren't always polite back (too open, unlike The British). As for people like Donald Trump... My wife keeps telling me to spit things out but you're the king of non-committal As I've said before - you are not my target audience. People like Erly Rissa and Brett are. I want to encourage them to grow through expressing themselves http://www.pinterest.com/pin/395964992209437816/ The founder of The UK Samaritans, Chad Varah, recognized that its mission was to help people clarify their thoughts, to help themselves, through repeating their thoughts o
  7. Well by being polite you are saying nothing. Spit it out so I know what you're talking about or say nothing instead of hinting at a hidden meaning, which leads to guess work on my part. You criticized me for not making myself clear but maybe 'Dear Brutus, the problem is in you, not the stars.' Yes people are dying all the time and so are animals that we kill to eat, murder for sport or experiment on. I'm not God*, so can't do anything about it - again what was your purpose in bringing this up, that you never answered but have consistently avoided (I've changed my mind about you possibly
  8. If you mean the Conservatives why not say so? I don't much like them either but have the courage to say so but then I'm unemployed and your job may depend upon you not saying so, if you're still working or moving in such circles as I'm not privy to. Fear stills our tongues - true disgust is spat back in the face of those we loathe or fear. As far as politicians go in The West I've only hated two and made no secret of it - Maggie Thatcher and George Bush junior, both of whom messed up either the UK or the world by their behaviour (His internal and external policies and her internal ones most
  9. 'Nice' is a value judgment, rather than a scientific one. Further it is prejudicial (phobic) because it implies an opposite state of nasty or superior / inferior stance. Tolerance, patience and diplomacy is fighting our own programmed habits and tastes (prejudicial view of the world or as Nancy Mitford put "You and non-you" or class distinctions). Children come into this without expectations as adults acquire them ("I know my rights!" (We have none in reality, in my opinion)" I should have this or I need that!"attitude. Adults are addicted to lifestyles, rather than drugs - stuck on belief
  10. Eclogite, when you talk of millions dying in the world, compared to the Charlie Hebdo shooting, what is your point? Do you mean something like that there's nothing that can be done to stop it because of its immensity, so why fuss about a dozen more or are you saying something else, like why are they any more special than anyone else dying? What I'm trying to say about the stereotyping point is that prejudice is a sliding scale, composed of different components, that goes from violent hate to intense dislike and even just preferences (likes / dislikes). It is part of what makes us human and
  11. Prejudice wants to convert opposition, which it does through fear in the form of verbal or physical intimidation (Boko Haram / ISIS). Those it cannot change to its will (enslave), it eradicates. Acceptance (tolerance / patience) is allowing people to be who they are as individuals, not as slavish followers. This is why the West is so creative at the moment in my opinion - it allows dissent as hot air but still goes on creating new things, new ways at looking at the world. As I've said elsewhere recently fear creates prejudice and leads to violent action but despair on the one hand at human
  12. What is stereotyping if not prejudice? As for my use of words to explain how I see prejudice - how about that being a future definition of what it will be seen as in the future? You mean I cannot communicate to you effectively, if I chose my own words, not to other people or do you know what other people are thinking all the time, even yourself? Like the caterpillar in, Alice in Wonderland, I use words to convey meaning as I want to or I would fail to convey concepts that it seems cannot be put any other way. Look at science's creative use of language to explain things (Latin and animal spec
  13. You're a letter of the law man aren't you? A bit of a pedantic, phlegmatic, parochial parody of a man - now that's an insult, as opposed to racist, hypocrite or troll (Turtle attack, not yours). By the way peripatetic wanderer sounds more like a tourist than an oil worker and another thing is that it is tautologous or is it meant more as a joke - 'a wandering, wanderer?'
  14. I cannot as these are clippings from newspapers like the Daily Mail or Metro, not science journals (I'm not a scientist but do get an occasional New Scientist, however that is far as my interest goes). I thought you were in the oil business, not only because of where you live (Aberdeen I seem to remember you saying?) but your interest in earth sciences and the places you've been to, possibly (Russia and The Caucasus oil fields plus America?). "Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts" Albert Einstein "I don
  15. This post was inspired by a discussion with another member, who called me a racist and a hypocrite (but not an acrobat). Prejudice is not wanting things to be the way they are in my opinion, lack of it accepting reality as it exists here and now, and going beyond it to create a greater one, through unity of purpose but not necessarily through unity of belief or appearance. Prejudice is seeing people as groups, not individuals as subjective things, not living beings. It is assuming we know the truth (lynch mobs / the killing of a Sikh in America, after 9/11 because he was foreign looking),
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