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Stranded On An Island


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Say you were stranded... the island/environment doesn't matter too much.

Say you were given "items/tools/foods" to be with, what would your minimum requirements be?


eg. (Note: no cloud based devices available)



Efficient Solar Powered Calculator. (For doing astronomy at night)

Axe/Adz/Machete/Swiss A Knife


Fire Starting implement(s)






Some Sort of Fruit Trees (desert)

Fish/Crab/Birds(Preference for big egg layers)

Trees (Building material)

Minerals: Salt, or good tasting dirt. (Dirt could also be used for makeup/dressage night.)



Alot of paper and pen for occupying time (Solar powered 1tbyte kindle)

Books (Solar powered 1 tybye kindle - loaded)

Napkins, and Straws for relaxing with a clean pallet with your coconut.


Say Now you would need to be nomadic, what would be the absolute necessities.

Say in your Nomadic ventures you approached a desert, how would you prepare?

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Hmm yep, the idea is that your NOT in need of external contact, and it is supposedly an indefinite period that you would be stranded...


It's in the economics section, because much like earth you need to figure out the economics of continued "happy" survival... What's the bare minimum? I would like to think that Ewok world would be a nice happy medium to live in (as opposed too the Desert dwelling where Lukes family is slaughtered)

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