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My nephew lent us 'The Wolf of Wall Street' recently and before the movie there was a preview for Noah, starring Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, and Emma Watson. For those unfamiliar, it's based on the story of Noah's Ark. Even though I am not overly religious, I'm looking forward to watching the movie soon because the special effects look really good. :) Anyone have this on their must-watch list?

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It's very good, even if you're non-religious.


God makes no direct appearances, and that actually helps the movie no matter what your orientation...as long as you're not outraged by it (although if you're outraged that God doesn't talk to Noah, aren't you also outraged that he doesn't talk to you?)... For the religious it unfortunately makes you think about the ambiguity of right and wrong (very Melvillian in that respect), and while it's a little traditional on the gender issues, Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson are wonderful.



Always remember: no matter what happens, I don't care, :phones:


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