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Does Rail Improve Our Cities And Environment?

Eclipse Now

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Hi all, what would you recommend for your nation in terms of the fast deployment of public transport? Do you think fast rail is viable in Australia, or only larger economies with more people like America? Fast rail is about moving people between cities. What about inside cities? I think I lean towards trolley-buses because:


Trolley buses are my pick for an emergency deployment of public transport for the following reasons.


  • Can be hybrid electric and synfuel, allowing them to go 'off the line' and service side streets.
  • Do not require the installation of rail, which will only slow down the process of moving off oil in a hurry
  • Require rail in the roads, which can be a hazard to cyclists and pedestrians tripping
  • Are stuck if there is an obstacle on the rail ahead, while hybrid or battery trolley buses can leave the line and simply drive around the obstacle
  • Trolley buses are 5 times cheaper! They give 5 times the transport coverage than trams do for the same money!


But what are your thoughts, and what are your sources for the best transport network for your nation and / or region?

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Wow. Sounds bad.


Hi Eclipse Now.


While I am sure they had the best intentions at heart at the outset the end results of not having any long term local involvement in the design and construction phases will be plain to see when it opens in 5 months time.


One of the main problems relates to the recent restructure of all local bus services to utilise the light rail route before the transition to optimise the number of customers that the service will have on inception.

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OK, so it's not the technology but the implementation?


Another commenter on another forum raised these points in favour of the tram:


In a city with more than 2,5 million persons it's best to build a subway. Trams are viable in cities with more than 100.000 persons.


It's best that your public transport have it's own lane. Else it ends up in traffic being just as slow as a car. Especially for trams.


The reason a tram is better than a trolley bus is that one tram can easily transport 300 persons, a trolleybus can only transport 50. People can hop faster in a tram with 10 doors than a bus with maximum 3. You need less drivers. (the drivers cost money too)


In Ghent they are rebuilding the old tram lines again. At a certain moment there are just too many trolleybusses, so it's ebtter to transport them in trams.

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