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Tree Of Good And Evil As Parable, Not Story?


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The parable of the tree of good and evil passed me by until recently as Ijust saw it as a story. It isn’t as if good and evil didn’t exist before but conscious awareness of it was created through this deliberate analysis of reality as was found in a Swedish experiment to do with rules or lack of them and accidents on roads. Conscious awareness is counter productive as it leads to a belief in there being a right and a wrong way to do things, which in turn leads to enforcement of those beliefs. In other words, it artificially creates conflict, instead of a live and let live attitude of tolerance and mutual respect. This is natural morality as opposed to enforced morality. It is usually applied to primitive peoples not civilized ones. Only neutrality / equality of attitude (free will) allows for positive, peaceful growth because it removes conflict and chaos that results from lack of it: The supposed moral high ground instead of the real moral high ground - accidental relationships rather than deliberately created ones. This is the way into the future, through creation not destruction. This is the way of peace through innocence rather than guilt.


See also Gun Laws question elsewhere by me (Sociology) because it covers same ground

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Though these waters seem still lately, those of us still lurking here are of a peculiar school. Among other idiosyncrasies, when referenced to a study, we like a reference to the study. Can you post a link or something to the Swedish experiment, paige?


Some other questions that come to mind:


What is the difference between a parable and a story? Definition of terms, please.


What is the difference between primitive peoples and civilized ones? Perhaps an example of a primitive people.



It isn’t as if good and evil didn’t exist before but conscious awareness of it was created through this deliberate analysis [...]


Are you proposing that conscious awareness of good and evil is made available to humankind exclusively through this parable... mm… story?

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