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Racism: a social disease


I am worried after reading the "Stop Syjionizmowi," published in one of the Polish websites, not in English:




I did not read the well-known forgery: "Protocol of Elders of Zion," fabricated over a hundred years ago in Tsarist Russia. But this Polish post is probably more nonsensical and more poisonous.


The author writes, for instance, "the greatest criminals, murderers and traitors in history were mostly Jews (Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Dzerzhinsky)." This statement is false: none of them was a Jew. Also false is the claim that "The Jewish religion is not ... based on the Old Testament." The article is full of such nonsense; I think that the author knows this very well. But I have no desire to argue with him. This kind of propaganda is very dangerous; it may lead, under some conditions, to a new wave of massive tragedies.


Who should criticize and expose authors of such articles? I do not think that this should be done by Jews. Our (Jewish) participation in the fight against potential murderers should be reduced to criticism of anti-Polish statements made by some Jews. And our day-to-day behavior should demonstrate that we are not liars, thieves and murderers, as claimed in the slanderous article.


At the forefront of the struggle with Polish anti-Semitism should be Poles - right wing, left wing, theists, atheists, scientists, and ordinary people. Why do I think so? Because I know that such struggle can be very effective. Passivity in the face of racism makes us morally responsible for what may take place in the future. Such passivity is also an insult to our national honors. I often think about this when I read our common Golden Rule: "Do to others as you would have them do to you."



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That looks like some nasty looking racists conspiracy theory nonsense to me, though I don't speak Polish, so can only get a sense of it via automatic translation.


As it's being hosted by wordpress, and their Terms of Service prohibit "hate content", "threats", or inciting violence, it might be possible to get them to take down the offending pages via this form. My glance didn't show any overt threats or calls to violence, and as wordpress says here "we will not suspend blogs if they are not in violation of our terms or policies, even if they are offensive or objectionable", they might not.


I hope the sentiments expressed on these pages represent only an ineffective, extreme fringe, and serve more to caution good-minded people that such a fringe exists and should be condemned and opposed than to promote their views. As the saying goes, evil can only triumph when good people do nothing.

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Hitler's gradma was jewish, I guess that is what the author uses as an argument...


But anyway, in your post you make an implicit segregation, which is surely not your aim, by saying that jewish should not join the fight against potential murderers... It should be "Poles - right wing, left wing, theists, atheists, scientists, and ordinary people."


When reading your post I got the feeling that there are Jews and the others.


Maybe you mean all should fight as ordinary people, independently of what (if any) religion they are? Then I agree.


I completely agree on what ou say about passivity, it makes people responsible ("The Dictator" from Charlie Chaplin came out in 1939, so Germans can't say they did not know/ had no way to know). Incidentally I think though there is one exeption to this rule, north Korea: people have been brainwashed soo much and over long time, that now they can not be made responsible, they are just without the possibility to know...

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