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Bringing The Dead Back To Life

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This is a fascinating article about getting the dead to come back to life. Even after 5hrs? It makes you wonder how many people could have been brought back to life if the proper steps were taken.


I'm still up in the air as to whether NDE's are real or not. I lean towards the brain giving people the false impression about an aura. Seeing a glowing tunnel and meeting someone such as Jesus, a loved one or even the Devil. But some of the reports of people seeing things that are on a shelf and out of sight in the operating room is very odd.


I also wonder if incidents like these helped bring about some religions. In particular the idea of a heaven and hell. It must have made an impression on our ancestors when it occured. :o Of course early man didn't know about CPR or adrenaline. It surely must have occured in that era just by chance now and again.

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One of the major miracles attributed to Jesus the Christ is bringing the dead to life, e.g. resurrecting His friend Lazarus. The hope of living forever must be one of the reasons why a lot of people flock to the Christian religion in droves. Some modern day miracle workers, particularly pentecostal preachers, often claim that they can bring the dead to life: true or false I do not know; but i know many of them are so stupendously rich, they have jet aircraft, build universities in their names and generally smile all the way to the bank.

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