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How To Design A Human Brain


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I post here in engineering section because I think the topic would be of interest to engineers, e.g., how to design a brain that could be used by a robot that replicates a human brain for adaptive behavior. A method was proposed years ago by W. Ross Ashby in his book 'Design for a Brain' (1954). The book is now available free online here:




I think it best to begin this thread topic for people with interest to begin reading the book then post comments, and we see where it leads.


Edit: This review of Ashby helps put his ideas into modern perspective:



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I have that book—or did have it.


Since I was flooded, I'm not always sure what books I still posses.


At any rate, the book is understandable even to someone like me who has a very shaky grasp of Calculus...


{If I remember correctly, the only integrations are in the Appendix.}


I can't comment in any depth, since the details elude me—but I do remember the concept of "State Determined Systems".


Thanks for reminding me of a fun book.



Saxon Violence

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