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Because of my childhood I came from a dysfunctional family environment as so many before and after me. What causes mental illness? What we believe? Our mind seems to be an enigma within itself. We allow external and internal stimuli control us, instead of vice versa. Since I speak from experience, how can one who has never experienced unknown mental emotions, diagnose a patient who has? You read and believe stories and the facts about those who have had episodes of excess emotions and then decide which rule to follow and use for the patient.


I see where the respect between patient and therapist is required. If the patient believes, what they are telling the therapist how can the therapist understand if the therapist has never has an emotion experience related to the patience? Wouldn't one think one could better understand the patients problem if the therapist had the same emotion the patient had? If patient (a believes in emotion B) how can the therapist not having the same experience relate if they have never had the same experience?


Isn't the therapist grasping at straws? Paul

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