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  1. There is no proof just theory which comes under science. I do not troll or proselytize, Why can't I ask a question to get a idea on the theories? Paul
  2. I can imagine grunts and sounds for cavemen and such, but evolving into langauge baffles me. I believe in creation over evolution. I am not attacking any ones beliefs. I can see to a point where evolution might have a impact somewhere. I cannot see grunts and simular sounds as pre-evolution or even animals. Each species has it's own personal nature! Can someone show me how the animals went from there nature of communicating to other animals and then might have evolved into speech. Then how man did the same. Paul
  3. Sunshaker, I am for this...but, how is this company going to censer the outernet for properganda to the people for false advertising and the like. There are companies and governments who want to use it for personal spying services? Paul
  4. God breathed life into Adam. Isn't the invention part of the inventer? Adam was dead, but God put inside Adam...life,consciousness and awareness, so Man is a product of God but not God per say? We owe our life to God? The soul or spirit is the invisible life to us from God? Thoughts? Paul
  5. Perhaps as a child it hears sounds and as it grows the teachers and family introduce it to language. The object the infant is listening to or seeing is a object without a definition, until it learns pictures of the object have names. The the picture and the object become a name. It grows from there? Paul
  6. pljames


    My question is, if one like me who cannot understand all grammar (I have delexia and do not spell correctly because of it) can learn to write well enough to be understood? I cannot understand nouns verbs and dangling participals(?). I understand words, there meanings and there structure, when creating a sentence. Writing to me is a art form a structured art which is meant to be...understood...! I am and never have been...perfect... so therefore I will always make mistakes in my writing. I have used grammar, but grammar will not allow me to use my free will and make mistakes (not as I do not li
  7. For me, it my senses of how I understand other people without saying a word. I study them and a conclusion is drawn. It's a interesting experience. Paul
  8. I have to get eight twelve or more hours. But If you set your ego mind clock it works every time. Before you goto bed think about what time you want to get up and the goto sleep. Thi si called mind over matter. Paul
  9. Am I going overboard on my common sense common logic and rational reasoning? I religiously believe in these three thoughts intellectually, But sometimes I go overboard and erase thoughts that to me are not common sense common logic and ratlonal reasoning. Like my over emotional attitude about my wifes problem. My reasoning seems at one point rational them unrational at another time. Sometimes my mind and thoughts seem to run wild. I am thinking about seeking mental health to get a idea on where I am mentally. These emotional outbursts are taking there toll on me. Paul
  10. Why hasn't anything been done to understand Lymphedema better. Most doctors are plain ignorant, fact and the patient continues to suffer. How come researchers can find help for aids and other super bad diseases but not for Lyphedema. How much suffereing is to much suffering? Paul
  11. It's the second day of April and a week into spring. I only see one tree bluming it's white or pink for I am color blind the dogwood. I've only seen rarely any tulips or other flowers bluming...why? Paul
  12. I have asked several people how and who created the atom, matter, space gases and why to which, I never got a answer. Now it seems the bible states" God spoke the sun moon our planets into existence. "Dr Hawkins now claims there are no black holes and there are aliens among us. Hello? Theorectical ((bs). Please enlighten me as to the true validity of my argument? Paul
  13. Buffy, Well stated. Paul
  14. Each pararaph is one topic only. The the next paragraph is another topic. Each paragraph usely is five or less sentences for clarity. It's my style of writing. Unfortunetly There are to many writers with to many styles.Paul
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