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Psychology Of Tetris


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I must admit although I'm not a "gamer" I did go through a Tetris phase. I think keeping things clean has alot to do with it. I often get razzed at my place of employment for my office desk being so clean and neat. I can't understand how others can function or find anything when the papers are all piled and stacked together on their desk. For me, everything has a place so I can find it. Either in a folder or on a shelf etc.


The game lends itself to my personality. Although I don't believe I picked up this way of thinking from the game. I can't say it changed my thought process about the issue. At least as far I can tell from a self assessment. I just beleive it was a trait I was born with, In the same way I was born with my receding hair line.


I enjoyed keeping the base line as low or as "clean" as possible. As I said I don't play anymore, it is a time consuming game as the article points out. It's odd with all our modern conveniences I still don't have the time for it these days.

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