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The Love Of Language (English).


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I could not be a linquist. I am not perfect especially in my writing. I do not always (dot my T's or cross my i's whoops)! I do the best I can. I would think tho with the spell checkers and grammar software one could come close? I want only to be understood (without doubt). It behooves me to be judged on the way I write be it good or bad (the word perfect comes to mine). I believe we all are flawed if you wish imperfect. But the more I write and study others writings, gets me closer to (my way of being perfect). So to speak I have (my style) of writing and believe we write the way we speak. Monkey see monkey do monkey learn. Thoughts please. Paul

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I owe this sub forum a apology. In my quest to be perfectly and absolutely understood I assumed the reader saw and understood my meanings as I see and understand them. I was wrong. I now see and understand by language we learn to define our words and our sentences and our writing style (our way). I see (a) you see (B). But how does one write their understandings to the readers understandings perfectly? Surely it's frustrating to write and know what you wrote but thinking the other person understands it as you do? Again I believe it's because of language. Please forgive. In my passion to be perfectly understood I did not take into consideration the readers point of view to what they understood.


I call this the interpretation understanding. Thoughts please. pljames

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