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Looking For Good Extreme Drought Scenario


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Friends, nowadays there seem to be Think-Tank Scenarios for almost every conceivable contingency.


I'm trying to find a fairly detailed Scenario Outlining the effects of several years of Drought hitting the Bread Basket of the US.


This "Drought" we're suffering now, while bad enough.....


Well, harvests are guesstimated to be down 10%-17%; yet this year's harvest is still projected to be among the top six greatest harvests of all time.....


At least so I read.


How about three to six or seven years of Drought severe enough that US Grain harvests are no more than 30% of an Average year?


How little rainfall would that entail?


How much increased irrigation could be done effectively, quickly enough to make a difference?


{I seriously doubt that the Missouri, Ohio or Mississippi Rivers would go dry--though they'd be very low...


Some of their Water could probably be diverted to irrigation.....}


At what point does Rationing become a realistic prospect?


Food riots and insurrection?


Martial Law?


Acts of War (or more likely Terrorism) by Third World Countries dependent on American Grain?


Widespread Famine in the US?


Most Scenarios that I've Googled are too limited ( Drought in California or the South West), specific to this years "Minor" (By Comparison) Drought, or Very General Extrapolations based on the Global Warming Meme.


If anyone knows of a Good Scientific (not Crack-Brained) Scenario, please let me know.




Saxon Violence

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