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This is a wonderful site. Once of the best sites i've ever visit during my 4yr cyber life


I'm surprised how little ppl visit this site regularly and how quiet the forums are. I think its because the server is sometimes a bit slow. Also, i think this site could do with sum publicity and advertising. Its a waste that such a wonderful website has a low traffic.


I see that this site is hosted by IIS. I suggest swapping over to Apache. Way faster, way more stable! Its easy to use, tho not as easy as IIS. Check it out, i'm sure implementing it will do this site some good.


p.s. How tha hell do i register?!?

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Thanks, guys - I think one problem is that the server i hosted in Oslo, Norway, while most users come from across the Atlantic (US, Canada). I continually monitor the site and the problems seem to not be with either IIS, Win2K or the SQL server, rather there are problems with poorly written indexing robots which visit the site now and then and index thousands of pages again and again...considering I run everything on my own hardware I simply can't afford to scale things to avoid this. After fixing some major bugs in March the uptime is close to 98%, which I consider very good.


I have to use IIS for the time being since I host some client websites as well, some of which are written in ASP - so a change of platform is not an issue for the time being.


I also had some banners which were loaded using scripts from the Commission Junction server - their server was extremely slow to deliver the banners, causing pages not to load, which barred access to the site for a lot of people. So I took them out. Don't make any money from these banners, anyway! (don't make any money from the site at all... )



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