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I'm looking for outside input for a card game I've created. I'd like you to try it with a friend and tell me what you think.

shuffle a standard deck of 52 cards. lay them all face down in a 8 high 7 wide grid, with the four corners missing.

player 1 starts off turning over any two cards.

then players take turns switching 2 cards per turn horizontally or vertically with the following rules:

cards value 2-5 switch 1 space.

cards value 6-9 switch exactly 2 spaces.

cards value 10-K switch exactly 3 spaces.

Aces switch exactly 4 spaces.

when you switch with a card, the card you switch with changes state. (if over turned, turn up, if turned up, turn over.)

each player's objective is to get either 4 in sequence of the same suit, or four of a kind, either horizontally, vertically, or in a 2x2 block.

Aces are worth 4 points; 10-K worth 3 points; 6-9 worth 2; and 2-5 worth 1.

if you manage to score, all four cards are turned over, and you get another turn.

the first player to 26 points wins.

special notes:

aces are always high.

if you manage to score in two directions on the same turn, the card(s) that are shared gets counted twice, and you get 2 additional turns, with all scoring cards turned over.

when switching two cards of the same rank value, the player may choose either card to turn over.

for the four in sequence of the same suit; the four cards themselves need not necessarily be in order;

ie. 3s 4s 6s 5s is a winning four.

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