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Welcome to hypography, Larry! :) Please feel free to tell us something about yourself by way of a personal introduction.


Maybe I'm looking at it a bit too simply but in the way I see it the Theory of Relativity has a very simple and obvious flaw. I've expessed this observation in a simple, 8 minute video on Youtube entitled "Relativity Outside the Box Part 1" I'd like to hear some feedback on it. Thanks, Larry

I find video a poor medium for discussing physics. Can you express your observations about Relativity as text (you can include embedded graphics and equations) in a post?

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i think that zero velovity could be measured by lasers , where the speed of light is the standard, the variable is the movement relative to the speed of light, anyway, you might need two objects


interesting video, cool 3d graphics too, i like the wind power generators in the background


( plus i think the nucleus of the atom is relative to electricity instead of a solar system )



see impetali

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An Addendum to the theory of General Relativity- the Ghost wave theory

Dear Larry,

Professor Einstein's concept of "the mechanism" of the universe was unclear to him and he admitted it. ( world Book encyclopedia1961, gravitation). Instead of discussing what is wrong with relativity, let me open your eyes to what I believe is the actual mechanism of generalrelativity, call it an addendum to the general theory of relativity. I understand space-time, not as a fourth dimension but actions with in the third dimension. Consider the big bang as a massive energy transfer from potential to kinetic energy. The energy transfer from the singularity created mass, energy and space. Here is what all scientists have missed.

There are three states of matter;

Mass- particle, initially the singularity was 100% particle. Now mass has three forces that bind, strong, weak and electromagnetic fields.

Energy- particle/wave duality creating electromagnetic fields, as a particle size decreases, wave properties increase.

Space- 100% wave,the gravitational wave, a continuously generated byproduct from all mass and energy.


So the big bang created space, but each piece of mass and energy decay naturally creating more space as a continuous energy transfer into the gravitational wave with a constant speed, wavelength and frequency. The rate of decay is field density dependent. ( this is a key to understanding Einstein's and your confusion).


Space was created as an action of this process of the singularity's big bang but the left over mass and energy that was not converted still decays creating the measurable actions of space-time we have today.


So the first new physics law- all mass and energy naturally decay into monopole gravitational waves creating the actions of time and space.


The Second new physics law ties everything together.

When waves of equal energies interact, in this case continuously generated waves, they constructively interfer as a CONTACT FORCE. The action of this force is wavefront formation, an increase in wave amplitude, the RE-action of this force is a back action of wave front formation known as Gravitation. You see, the Huygens principle is the Huygens law. When two or more waves form a wavefront and if newtons laws of motion apply then the action is wavefront formation, since it is known that the speed, frequency and wavelength of the individual waves do not change from their generation point, the change is the position of the wave generation points themselves.


Space, time and gravity are generated actions from each piece of mass and energy. In a pool the water in a swimming pool evaporates and yet the amount of water never changes because the swimming pool has an automatic filler, a source to add the missing water. With the universe, galaxies have stars that generate all forms of energy and stabilize the mass and energy as mass and energy decay, evaporate, into the gravitational wave, forming larger and larger wavefronts. The simple answer to the question, why is the speed of light constant? is that the speed of light is controlled by the observer through an intermediate step, constructive wave interference by the density dependent process of mass and energy decay into gravitational waves.


Ps- this explains relativity, dark energy, dark flow and it is the copyrighted answer, like it or not, to the theory of everything.


The Storyteller

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