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Modern Windfarms

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whille we have all heard of wind power generators


both the fan looking ones and the verticles axis wind turbines


why are they scaled so small?

say for instance you built a wall in the ocean, this wall, has a foundation in the water


30 ft above the surface starts the wind power generation, with that space made for the power generators



one for each line

each "line" is a series of verticle axis wind turbines


and the whole structure is 80 stories in a minimally active tectonic zone



so at 10 ft per section measured going up


you would have 770 ft per "line" of wind power capuring capacity


say you bade this wall 770 ft long width wise


then you have 592,900 sq ft of wind capturing capacity


if each generator was 10ft X10 ft ( working area ) then you would have 77 "lines" of power generation


the you cover the verticle axis wind capturing devices with a screen to prevent birds from entering or nesting


desighn a robot the climbes the screen and cleans it


and you have a power facility


how difficult would this be to desighn


( see japanese archetecture for high tectonic action zone desighns)


( where each "line would only be fastened to the first 10 stories and the tops allowed to move independant of the structure, to allow absorption of the tectonic energy)

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If you're off the continental shelf then the whole thing has to float. If not then you have to support all that with pylons going down into the ocean floor. Sounds unwieldy to me. Now if you rotate these structure and submerge them in say a river (near the river bottom where the current is strong and steady). This could produce electricity. I hear there might be a project to do this on the Hudson river, north of New York City.



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Guest MacPhee

When you look at modern windfarms, you notice that the towers in them, carry 3-bladed fans.


With only these 3 blades, there are big gaps in the fan. These gaps must let a lot of wind pass straight through, without hitting a blade and pushing it round. Isn't that "wasted wind"?


Surely there'd be less waste if the fan had more blades. If it had 6 blades, wouldn't it catch twice as much wind - and generate twice as much power.


I'm thinking here about the parallel example of aircraft propellers. In the early days of aviation, there were a lot of 2-bladed props. These were replaced by 3-bladed props, then 4 blades became the norm. And military planes like the latest version of the C-130 Hercules, employ 6 blades. That must be because multi-bladed props are found to work better.


After all, even the old medieval windmills had 4 blades, or "sails" - not 3! So why only 3 blades on the windfarm machines - is there a good reason?

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