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Pincho Paxton

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"PF= G*m1*m2/r^2 would be meaningless without an explanation as to what the variables stand for".


To a novice like me could one embed the meaning of these variables into the variables? Just touch the variable as a whole and it gives you a explanation of the variables one at a time? pljames/Paul






unfortunately, i don't think mixing spoken language with a programing language is feasable at this point in time, as cpus are bad at understanding spoken language. they can understand a few key commands, but that's it. i agree that language is ultamately the key to science, for example F= G*m1*m2/r^2 would be meaningless without an explaination as to what the variables stand for.

i don't quite understand what you mean by push force versus pull force, as this equation doesn't really suggest either. newton proposes that the force is coming form the mass itself, whether we interpret that as a push or a pull make little differance in my opinion;

it's abundantly clear that mass has some effect on gravity, and newton was simply mathematically modeling that effect.

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