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Hello Everyone


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Welcome back, HBond! You and your ideas and angles been missed.


Funny how folk you’ve disagreed with most of the time but known for a long time feel like good friends, while you’re still a bit tentative with ones you mostly agree with but haven’t know long.


If I can make a welcome back recommendation, check out Ludwik K’s memoir at Cold Fusion, 23 Years Later. Not sure if you’re an aficionado of the LENR field, but your name has hydrogen in it, and so does most of stuff in that field, so ... ;)

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Currently, I am able to start new topics, but am not allowed to reply to any of the existing topics. The respond button is grayed out. I don't mind starting new topics but I would prefer warm up with existing topics.

Weird, that!


I checked, found what seemed a small difference between your account settings and the usual ones, and changed it to the usual.


Please check to see if you're still having a problem. If you are, try signing out and back in. If you still can't reply, let me know via this thread.

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