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Simple Uv Optical Problem.

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This could just as well went into "Physics".....


But its a rather Elementary Question.


I was browsing over at "Edmond Scientific"; and one of those "Pocket UV Lights" reminded me of Something.


Years ago, when I was broke and Browsing Catalogs looking at things that I couldn't afford--kinda like now, except that I was younger, and that was before I was introduced to the Internet.....


Anyway, one of the Odd-Stuff Suppliers was having a clearance on Little Incandescent UV Bulbs--Christmas Bulb Sized (not the new LED Bulbs--The old screw-in kind).


They said that if you Bought a Big Double Handful of the UV Bulbs; and put them on Christmas Tree Electrical Cords, and draped the cords every which way in your "Space".....


You were supposed to get Very Dramatic Effects, that you couldn't get from one, or even several "Big UV Lights".


I couldn't afford any Christmas Tree UV 7.5 Watt Bulbs.....And I've been wondering ever since.....


What, if any, Super-Duper Effects can you get with a Fairly Large Number of 7.5 Watt UV Bulbs, either used together with Larger Lamps, or all by themselves.....


That you couldn't have accomplished with several big UV Lamps and Strategically Placed Mirrors all by themselves?


Is it an empty sales pitch, or does something truly special happen under enough Small UV Lights?


Thanks You for taking the time to read this.....


As well as for any "Illumination".


Saxon Violence.

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