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HI guys,

im new here (obviously), i have a wide interest in many subjects, ancient cultures esoteric teachings, religion(s) and God(s), quantum physics (Wu Li), an appreciation for the world we live in and its people and conciousness, geometry......well pretty much everything if im honest.

Ive never joined a forum such as this, it has been more Sea fishing forum and extreme MTB forums, but the more ive settled down the more i find my self reading and studying. At the moment I like to read Tao and slightly different i am reading a book called the Dancing Wu Li Masters which so far has been a great read as it covers quantumn physics without the math which i would struggle with, something i will work on when i have more time.

I am very open and think outside the box and try not to ground my self in what has been taught in the past is certain truth as techings and new ideas are always evolving and i would rather be a part of this than repeating old news again and agian.


I look forward to chatting to hopefully like minded individuals and hope i can learn from you.


Kind regards


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