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What Did 9/11 Change?


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I can remember shortly after the attacks of 9/11 all the news reports of kind gestures people were doing for each other. The stories consisted of everything from selling out of American flags at Walmart to Letterman announcing the name of a small midwest town under drought conditions that sent money they had set aside to New York.


In one article about the aftermath a woman was quoted as saying "Does anyone else feel a sense of additional kindness from strangers since the attacks? People are saying thank you, please, and holding doors open longer for each other". I live on the right coast not too far from NY and I can say I noticed this for a time as well.


Like everything else, it didn't last forever. Everyone knows what happened after that and I won't bore you with 10yrs of bad memories. I work for a utility company outside Philadelphia. It's coming up on 10yrs this September and one of the suits came down from corporate to remind me of this. He also wanted to make sure I pass it on to my men that they must remain vigilant during this time.


Since then I started evaluating what has changed in my life because of it. Yes you could drive through the the open gate with a wave in the years leading up to the event. If you try to enter company property now you will be sighted by at least three cameras and alot more security. Aside from the security for infastucture what has it really changed for me personally?


The more I thought about it, there was only one thing I could think of. What has changed for me is my mentality. A greater distrust of my fellow man. Like someone who had their house robbed and is ever on the alert so it doesn't happen again. A sense of uneasiness, of uncertianty, and a hope no one I know loses their job, house, or life savings etc. from the finaincial meltdown. Some of this meltdown was caused by the expensive wars, some from Wall st. crooks, but in my opinion it is all started to head south after that horrific event. the the stock market didn't completely collapse in the weeks following it and no one was much worried about the US debt at that time, but on a macro level it all started on that day in my opinion.


However on a personal level minus the mentality issue stated above nothing has changed for me. I still food shop, do laundry, and mow the grass the same way I did before the event. I was just curious if I'm missing something. Has anyone else seen a change in their life and how??


Of course anyone who lost friends and family in the event or the following wars I mean no disrespect to you and I apologize for your loss. I'm sure waking up without a loved one effects your life everyday. But for the others on a day to day level what has it changed for you and where did all that additional kindness from strangers go?

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